Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life…. Will just like a life..

Why life is so sux sometimes???
You must follow the damn rule, listen whatever silly people say that you even don't care about it. Or even it didnt match with ya? Judge you with anything they can found.Why people can not understand that everyone is different? Everyone has a different thought? Every single human has a HEART that maybe you can hurt it easily!

Why people can't just stop and look at theirself? Let everyone else do what they want to do! You see someone with an odd habit that you think it's not good, so what??? Maybe s/he thinks it is exiting? So why you really care about it and talk with your friends about her/him as s/he is a criminal? it doesn't bother you anyway.

Maybe you don't realize that it will make you as the most mean people in the world. You make her/him lost her/his spirit, you make her/him down. Why this little silly people didnt just dissapear?? If it does, World will be a better place, and more peacefull ..!

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