Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcoming the Arrival of Ramadan

Alhamdulillah The Holy Month of Ramadan is here again. The month of fasting and prayer. It's the month for performing good deeds and giving in charity. It's the month when the gates of the heavens are opened and the rewards for our deeds are magnified many times over. It's the month wherein sins are forgiven and it's also within this month that we have Lailaturqadar, a night better than a thousand months.

Fasting teaches us about ourselves and our needs. It shows us how weak we are and how truly dependent we are upon our Lord. It shows us how much Allah has blessed us. We are reminded of our brethren those who are less fortunate and are inspired to treat them well. We are compelled to thank Allah and to use the blessings He has provided us in obedience to Him.

So take advantage of life. Memorise the Book of Allah and act upon it.. Salam Ramadan to my dad, mum, Marlisa, Shahril, Nazar, brother in law, sisters in law, nieces,nephew and all. Ahlan wahsalan Ya Ramadani.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

' Hope and Change ' for Palestine

As many of you no doubt heard, the "Peace Flotilla" to end the siege in Gaza was stopped and the Turkish MV Mavi Marmara attacked by Israeli naval commandos with at least 9 killed and dozens wounded. First of all, Inalilahi wa Inalilaihi Rajioon...our thoughts and prayers go for the dead, the wounded, and their loved ones. But hopefully the story doesn't have to just end here with this tragedy.

Hopefully all of the countries involved with this humanitarian mission (esp. Turkey) will now not only take some concrete actions to protect THEIR sovereignty (including upholding the right to travel in international waters unmolested) and ensure the safety of THEIR citizens (including seeking justice for any transgressions threatening their well-being), but will also help fulfill the aspirations of their brave wounded and fallen countrymen to lift the siege of Gaza.

Hopefully we will see increased diplomatic, economic, and maybe even politico-military pressure on Israel to end both the siege and the occupation from all freedom loving nations of the world.

Hopefully their brave example will inspire millions around the world to finally "walk the walk" and actively take up the cause of Gaza and the Palestinian people. Hopefully, we will see the divestment movement expand. Hopefully the people of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and the Gulf nations will come together to help ease the suffering and pain of the millions of Palestinian refugees within their borders. Hopefully the people of Egypt will be sufficiently inspired by the staggering courage of these activists to stand up to their dictatorial government and demand and end to its complicity in the submission and starvation of their neighborly brothers and sisters in Gaza (and to fight for their own emancipation from autocracy and tyranny in the process).

In the long run, hopefully the people of powerful Saudi Arabia will begin lobbying their government to take a more active role in ending this six decade long conflict. Hopefully this will be the spark that finally ignites the same type of people power that decisively yet peacefully overthrew British imperialism in South Asia, dismantled the apartheid regime in South Africa, and demolished segregation and Jim Crow in the US.

We might even see more peace convoys than ever before; more ships manned by peace activists from around the world trying to break the siege of Gaza than the Israeli navy has ships to stop them...Insha'Allah their courageous sacrifices will not go to waste.

Hope, not blind hatred from our sense of outrage and righteous moral indignation, is our best anesthetic and weapon now and today she "Hope and Change" mantra rings truer than ever for plight of Palestine and her people.

Life…. Will just like a life..

Why life is so sux sometimes???
You must follow the damn rule, listen whatever silly people say that you even don't care about it. Or even it didnt match with ya? Judge you with anything they can found.Why people can not understand that everyone is different? Everyone has a different thought? Every single human has a HEART that maybe you can hurt it easily!

Why people can't just stop and look at theirself? Let everyone else do what they want to do! You see someone with an odd habit that you think it's not good, so what??? Maybe s/he thinks it is exiting? So why you really care about it and talk with your friends about her/him as s/he is a criminal? it doesn't bother you anyway.

Maybe you don't realize that it will make you as the most mean people in the world. You make her/him lost her/his spirit, you make her/him down. Why this little silly people didnt just dissapear?? If it does, World will be a better place, and more peacefull ..!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Going back,present,forward….

It has been long time from my last post! Even I almost forgot that I have this blog. Well, maybe because I'm too open now, so, you, my best bestfriend, forgotten for awhile, sorry! Haha.. To be honest, I'm not in the good feeling right now . So, I remember this blog and I read all of them! Suprizingly, it help much! It warn me to back to my track, I lost too long now, and I must to go back immedietly, or I never can back anymore!

I have been thinking much lately, and somehow I just realize that I'm kinda weird, what a surprise! I'm not like the regular girl, I'm not get into shopping or anything that most girls doing. Well, the problem is I have some stuff that more interesting to do. Something, even when I'm too lazy, itching to do that. Guess what? if you a good friend of mine, you'll know it, yeahh, computer.

My boo : Mr Lappy

Gorgeous 'boo' :-)

I'm crazy about computer and music. I will see the beauty in them. Music + computer?? Way much better. It helps me to express my feeling. I'm hard to show my feeling to everybody else, but with them, I can express it easily. Ask me, "choose one,.. one hour at mall or 5 hours in front of computer?" hmm...that would be an easy question for me. Because I never bored, there's always something that I can do with computer. Even I can write a song with it. I'm not good in poetry and believe me, the lyrics is so lame... but I do that because I love doing the music, it's just the magical happen. I always can't start a conversation. I dunno why, my brain just stuck. But in the messenger, I can flow anything that I want to say.

It's hard to me to say : I love you, I care about you, You're my bestfriend, even Thank You and other stuff, directly to the person. But on the internet, that words just slips out whenever I want to say them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not cocky or something, I just don't know how I must to say it. I prefer to make a video on the computer for hours than say it directly.

Until now, I never ever tell my personal feeling to anybody, never told my problem to anyone, Even to my mom. Maybe you think that I am an open person, all people think that, but hey, actually I'm a close person. Did I ever told you my secret? The trully secret? NEVER! but on the blog like this, I can do that easily! Amazing, huh!
I love you guys, but somehow I can't tell you anything, with unknown reason. It's like I have my own world, when I'm in other world, I can't trust anybody to keep my secret. Like I can't trust my secret to sorry guys!

Friday, March 26, 2010


I have absolutely nothing to blog about

mhmm, let's see

I bite my nails when i'm watching tv (only)
I love the smell of lavender
I tried my cats' food when i was small
I've always wanted to know how it feels like to be a boy for one day
I hate boys who are nice to me when we're alone and act like assholes in front of their friends
I've always wanted to know what it feels like to kiss someone with braces/piercings
I can't believe i just typed that out
I'd like to have children of my own but not get pregnant
I sometimes imagine myself being alone and unmarried then die
I am very stingy when it comes to food, not money
I don't like to hang out in a big group (esp at the mall -_-)
I don't understand why i don't "talk" and get excited over nothing anymore
I think, boys who are shy and quiet are actually very horny
I want and will pierce my nose someday

hahaha ~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sorry my bad....

I've been feeling anti-social for quite some time now

I hardly reply any SMSes, almost never start up an SMS conversation unless its really really necessary, i dont open my ym or facebook account unless utter boredom strikes, I'm reluctant on leaving my house n going out with friends, i spend waayyyy too much time doing nothing in my room with my lappy, i feel like a bitter old lady living alone with 57 cats. This sucks, i suck.

I apologize to my family n friends whom i may or may not have hurt during my period of bitternes. I have no problem with my boyfriend so save the dumb jokes for someone who gives a shit.

But its not that i dont enjoy being in the company of my family and friends
its just that i sometimes prefer being alone, minding my own business, waking up late, not needing to care about how i look as i skip the morning(fine, afternoon) shower, wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of trouser, watching a just-downloaded movie or tv show and playing a computer game anytime in between.

Or maybe its because i'm tired of it all. The same boring routine over and over again. Its draining, really i need something new

a change!

a change in environment
a change in the people surrounding me
a change in weather
a change in routine

Any change at all . I'll take it. I need to get out of my bubble-of-a comfort zone
and explore the world . Explore what life has to offer explore me. Maybe my life won't ever get better even after the "change" but i'm never going to find out if i don't try

Maybe my life will get worse and i'll get even more screwed-up (if that's even humanly possible) but that's a risk i'm willing to take.

I need a barack obama moment.... ~

Petty n pointless

The Israeli invasion on Palestine started more than 8 months ago but i have yet to express my thoughts and views and opinions about it. Though i'm writing now, I'm ashamed that I didnt write earlier as before that passes, hundreds of my fellow muslim brothers n sisters are slaughtered mercilessly by the vile n disgusting n repulsive n evil n heartless israeli forces.

You may wonder why the title of the post is "petty and pointless", is this blog post petty and pointless as it will not affect the situation in Palestine in any way whatsoever? that, we may never know, only God knows what is certain.

But I'll be damned if I just sit around doing nothing and watch my fellow muslims being shot and bombed and killed and slaughtered. What is it then, that is petty n pointless??

Well if you ask me, our needs, our desires, achievements and failures, any feeling or emotion that we may encounter that supposedly could kill you there and then or put you in cloud nine or even myspace and facebook seem petty and pointless when you put them next to the torture and suffering, the sorrow n sadness of losing a loved one, the pain n anger of helplessness that our brothers n sisters in Palestine feel almost every second of every day ever since the israeli trash set their foot on Palestinian soil.

We who are lucky enough to have food on our table, a roof over our heads n well, pretty much anything n everything that our hearts have ever desired should COUNT OUR BLESSINGS n thank God for all that He has given us n we should help those who are in dire need n not leave our brothers n sisters to suffer n die.

We do what is in our capabilities and hope n pray for the best.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Keajaiban yang telah tertulis..

Alangkah gembiranya hatiku bila mana pengabdian aku selama 3 tahun pada bidang kejuruteraan akhirnya tamat walaupun sedikit tersasar tempohnya. Senang hati, lapang dada kerana amanah itu telah pun tertunai. Alhamdulillah syukur. Tapi aku masih dilemma.
This's the word that haunts everyone once they r done with their schooling,may be i work? may be i study further? confusion all they say lifes a rollercoaster!!!

Main plan is flying to KL. To meet up my sweet angels. yeah!! of course they are Sofea and Soraya. Aku tahu dey all pun tak sabar nak jumpa aku. Setiap kali aku call, mesti tanya 'che su la bila nak datang ni'?? 'berapa hari lagi ni,lambatnya' 'adik nak makan dengan che su la' 'kakak nak tidur sama-sama dengan che su la' huish macam-macam permintaan.

Dulu masa aku belajar,bile tension je aku call angels aku. Aku rasa sejuk hati, ringan kepala bila dengar suara dey all. Hilang kejap masalah. Kawan-kawan aku cakap aku ni bagus sebab kalau ada masalah pun sempat lagi buat kelakar buat orang tergelak-gelak. Bayangkan ada kawan aku dulu bila tension je,dia akan menganas! menghempas hsetnya ke lantai!! ada tu,sepak terajang meja-meja kat bilik study kemudian menjerit-jerit!!! ish seram aku dibuatnya. Kalau semua orang macam tu alamatnya kita semua tak takut lagi tengok cerita-cerita hantu kat tv!! hahaha WTF!!

Masa on da way pergi KL,aku rasa benggang jugalah dengan driver bus. Dari Dungun lagi dia bising-bising. Ada je benda yang tak kena. Dalam hati aku harap-harap dia pandai la rasa 'lenguh' mulut. Sampai Kemaman rupa-rupanya lagi teruk. Siap marah sorang pakcik ni. Sian aku tengok orang tua tu. Sifat membela dalam diri ni membuak-buak tapi aku mampu berdoa supaya abg driver tu sedarlah apa yang dia buat tu. Padahal dalam bas tu ramai je remaja sebaya aku. Haihhh betul-betul tidak boleh dicontohi. Mak aii,longgar tol budi bahasa si abg driver ni tapi jangan sampai bawa bas berlanggar sudah la.. see you in court lah jawabnya. - )

Sampai KL hujan turun lebat. Seolah-olah meraikan kedatangan aku. According to my sis observation, KL dah lama tidak dihujani. Alhamdulillah,bumi KL sejuk dan nyaman sekali. Setelah hampir-hampir 3 bulan tidak bersua muka,aku tengok kakak aku semakin tidak bermaya. Muka pun memang keletihan seolah-olah memberitahu aku betapa penatnya mengandungkan bayi selama 8 bulan 2 minggu. Aku sedaya upaya membantu supaya kakak aku tidak besusah payah lagi.

Anak-anak yang ada pun masih kecil,sekuat manalah kudrat mereka untuk membantu si ibu yang sedang sarat itu. Aku sanggup berkorban apa sahaja demi kakak aku. Selama ni kakak akulah antara orang yang banyak membantu aku. Tidak kiralah dari segi dorongan atau material,pasti aku tidak pernah dihampakan. Thanks to my dear sis! you're number one in da world!!! Aku berani bersemuka dengan siapa sahaja yang menyakiti kakak aku. Bersemuka kerana keadilan. I will blow the justice. Seriusly,i am not bluffing. I walk to the talk!!

Wajah-wajah Kesayangan Aku =)


Sebelum ini tersangat lah banyak masalah, frankly speaking it's make me suffer. Amat memenatkan dan begitu teruji. Tapi akhirnya terasa penuh kebahagiaan setelah lahirnya saudara kecil ke dunia ini. Hilang derita. Muncul bahagia Tahniah buat kakak ku dan abg ipar. Hajat untuk memperolehi anak lelaki sudah termakbul. Syukur kerana semuanya selamat dan berjalan lancar.

Kagum melihat di hadapan mata sendiri bayi yang baru dilahirkan ke dunia. Kagum mendengar tangisan bayi itu, tapi paling kagum apabila melihat putera itu terdiam, terpaku dipangkuan ayahandanya, bagai bersiap sedia untuk mendengar azan yang bakal dilaungkan ke telinganya. Pengalaman pertama begini,sebelum ini hanya melihat di kaca TV. Inilah yang dikatakan keajaiban yang telah tertulis.. =)

AMZAR MUKHRIZ tersenyum comel bagaikan tahu dirinya diperhatikan

Kelahiran anak kakak aku ini telah buat aku lupa akan kekusutan minda dan jiwa yang berkecamuk, sungguh indah ciptaan tuhan ini. Telah mengingatkan aku bahawa walaupun kita punya masalah, masih ramai lagi yang lebih menderita, masih ramai lagi yang lebih susah dari kita, yang punya masalah jauh berganda2 hebatnya dari masalah kecil aku ini. Tuhan menguji. Kita berusaha dan redha dengan ketentuan-Nya. Apalah sangat masalah aku ini berbanding mereka yang diuji dengan hebatnya.. =(

Sekalung tahniah buat kakak aku dan abang ipar atas kelahiran putera pertama mereka. Semoga kebahgiaan milik mereka sentiasa. Amin ~

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