Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcoming the Arrival of Ramadan

Alhamdulillah The Holy Month of Ramadan is here again. The month of fasting and prayer. It's the month for performing good deeds and giving in charity. It's the month when the gates of the heavens are opened and the rewards for our deeds are magnified many times over. It's the month wherein sins are forgiven and it's also within this month that we have Lailaturqadar, a night better than a thousand months.

Fasting teaches us about ourselves and our needs. It shows us how weak we are and how truly dependent we are upon our Lord. It shows us how much Allah has blessed us. We are reminded of our brethren those who are less fortunate and are inspired to treat them well. We are compelled to thank Allah and to use the blessings He has provided us in obedience to Him.

So take advantage of life. Memorise the Book of Allah and act upon it.. Salam Ramadan to my dad, mum, Marlisa, Shahril, Nazar, brother in law, sisters in law, nieces,nephew and all. Ahlan wahsalan Ya Ramadani.

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