Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When Sometimes Good Isn't Enough

Seriously, do you find yourself in a moment when sometimes things you said were meant to encourage but often it gets misinterpreted?

I always believe in encouraging people (to do this for the betterment, that is) even when I might sound annoying, to me, encouragement will only push people forward and not to be lazy, to put in more effort, to do better than just good. I am not a perfectionist but I find people often exceed my expectations no matter how high the expectations are. I do not pour cold water on people, even though there are times I agree when impossible is more like it, but I always like to put it my way, you won't know if you don't try. Frankly, there's no harm in trying. To have tried and failed is better than not to try which is a definite fail anyway.

Being positive all the time is not all good, I learnt, People misjudge me as overconfident. Like seriously? Overconfident to me is more like arrogant, which is totally different than being positive. I have positive thoughts most of the time. I always believe things happen in disguise and for every shit that happens, there's always something good. Life is too short to think negatively. And when I speak of my dreams to people, some get it, some don't. Some would throw in their support and some would just brush me off and ask me "to get back to reality". Damn, if there is no dream, there will be no action, and when there is no action, you will always be where you are today!

I need to end the day are some nice words that can assure me that life isn't that bad, so much for thinking positive right?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I love listening to Boyce Avenue,I don't understand, why you aren't famous -.-

This song is one my favorites :

Throw my hand on a blade for ya
I’d jump in front of a train for ya
You know I’d do anything for ya
I would go through all this pain

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to my beautiful+clever niece : Sofea

Nurin Sofea Saifuzzaman

Today, my gorgeous and very fashionable (of course) niece turned 10 years old! (Gosh I'm getting OLD!) She has grown into such a beautiful and intelligent young woman! I am really blessed to have her in my life and I hope that she will always know how much I love her!

We are surrounded by so much craziness in this world and everything always seems so fleeting but my friendship with my niece is something that I truly cherish and I hope that many, many birthdays from now we will always still remain close!

I shot this -.-

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nur Fadila...

Nur Fadilla..

Be remind that no one is this world lives perfect nor a saint, even our prophet admitted that He was born just like another fellow humans which is imperfect. Once girl repented and has seek an apologizes towards its opponent means that one's already done her responsibility towards God and human on Her past. Somehow its better for a sinner for the sins which makes them repent and humble/afraid of God rather than be Good/do good but its drove them to be proud n arrogant. Whatever it is, you're done your essentials part and just surrender it to God as you're only a human. Its not human who judge & simply giving forgiven. No worries. God knows better and everything He plan it comes with His own prerogative reasons. Be optimist. Life ain't that easy but yet nothing is impossible by God's will. Be strong and widened your mind.

Nur Fadilla..

An Arabic poem said, When Allah loves someone, He let other people talk about her here and there. It is so true. It is a sign of love by Allah to His Messenger. The poem also goes to you. People will never stop talking, either good or bad, it is a sign of love! This wisdom poem is a very soothing & great one! It makes you comfort & relieving. Seems every things happen around you are created with its own wisdom & sweet reason. Indeed, people who are created with a brain will never stop talking be it good or bad on you,thus in order for God to show His care & love on you, He will test you with those to see weither you are strong enough, believe & redha or stubborn. He gave you a chance by such trial in a way to give you with easy rewards from people who talk good or bad about you. Let them be & to God you are surrender with it. God's giving you a trial & test upon everyone equally and base on the knowledge & capacity to take it. God is Great! He plan all the good thing on everyone capacity to handle & face it. Bersabar lah wahai hati....

Maafkan aku

Manusia sememangnya layak terus di uji dan di uji. Bertuahnya apabila di uji lantas mendekati diri kepada ilahi. Tak semua orang, mampu menghadapi dugaan Allah dengan redha. Di saat ini, Allah telah memberikan aku kekuatan diri untuk aku bangun dari sejarah yang lama. Aku bersyukur kerana sempat diberikan kesedaran. Jauh di sudut hati, aku sayangkan kehidupan aku yang lepas. Kebenaran memang pahit dan menyakitkan. Perkataan hakikat kena aku terima. Andainya diberikan pilihan samada derita atau ada kehidupan yang baru,aku pilih derita. Aku terlalu rindukan setiap saat yg lepas. Rindu yang pastinya bukan di buat-buat atau dipaksa. Titis-titisan jernih selalu datang tanpa diundang. Hidup ini sekadar menunggu jemputan Yang Maha Agung. Semakin lama aku hidup makin banyak aku buat silap. Aku pun dah tak rasa gembira lagi. Kadang-kadang bila aku senyum, itu hanyalah terpaksa. Senyum untuk menutup rasa sedih.

Ayah mak.. ampun dan maaf sekiranya satu masa nanti berkesempatan membaca tulisan ini. Maaf kerana tidak mengembirakan hati kalian dengan kejayaan aku semasa hari graduasi yang lepas. Aku bukan aje tidak hadir malah aku tidak pernah bercakap pun soal ni dihadapan kalian melainkan selepas majlis itu berlalu. Ramai sekali para pensyarah ingin mengenali kalian pada hari itu. Mereka ingin berjumpa kalian kerana aku adalah yang terbaik hasil daripada didikan kalian. Aku tahu,kalian kecewa dengan tindakan itu. Aku berjanji andainya kita ada umur yang panjang aku akan bahagiakan kalian sekalipun diri ku menderita.

Aku terlalu rindukan dan sayangkan kehidupan aku yang dulu. Semua ni akan hilang dan padam bila aku menutup mata pergi.. Maafkan aku........

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