Sunday, February 27, 2011

~ oh please..

I have watched far too many Malay movies, and most of the movies I saw were mediocre movies, with shallow scripts, poor storyline, and movies that banked on accomplished actors & actresses to sell tickets rather than making a sincere effort to create a good movie without emphasizing on selling movie tickets too much. I almost promise myself that I would not spend my money and time watching another Malay movie ever again. That's how much I despised Malay movies!

If I were a film maker, I’d produce a sports movie or drama.

Why? Heck, some of us don’t really know what they have to go through to become a champion. Or how they got there? The sacrifices made. The sweat, the tears, the blood. These kind of movies are motivating. Makes you want to go out and make a difference, although we both know, neither you or me are talented.

Our younger generation now stays at home, plays DotA on LAN or Sudden Attack in the comfort of their lazy computer chairs that bounces back and forth when they lean against it. Can that attitude take us to Olympics? Hell No. We’ll only give birth to more geeks and nerds, and we don’t need that.

I would always want these kid to triumph a sweet victory on the green field. I always believe if we can’t, maybe our younger generation can! Like how Harimau Malaya won the AFF Suzuki Cup. Everyone was at the edge of their seat when it was streaming.

Real life story :
An outdoorsman trapped between a rock and a hard place, he struggles for survival.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Emak

I Will forever be thankful for having u

Dear Emak,

In my 23 years of existence. I have tasted a million bitter moments, most of which got the best of me. My heart is in tears as I remember but in the midst of sorrow I feel warmth because inside my heart I see u. U turned my troubles into experiences, from which I learned a great many things n my bitter moments into sweet memories. It shows me the miracle that a mother’s love brings!

There is a saying that says, children cannot choose their own parents, I am here to say, if ever there was a chance I could choose my parents, I STILL WILL HAVE YOU AS MY MOTHER.

Dear Ayah & Emak :
I sincerely wish u both, a good mood, health and peace in life


Happy Birthday Emak. I Love You n Will Always Do.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When I Talk to My Maker

Oh Allah, I have seen many, but do little, I have received so much, but seldom I forget to thank you. You have opened up my eyes and my heart to stuff that really matters, you bring wake up calls into my life and you gave me chances to improve myself to work things out. But I am still the unimproved.

I cannot see every single possibility in my future life, but I have promised myself to achieve my dreams before I die. I have promised myself to repay all the sacrifices did by everyone to me. I have promised myself to die happy.

Things that I had to deal, the ones that I had to witness through my eyes, I never knew such thing can occur to me, but it does, eventually. If jazz songs are made to calm me down, Thank You. If my prayers are heard, Thank You. If I am on my way to make myself a better person, a stronger person, Thank You .

What I saw, are those things that I do not want to believe. Please Allah, please do not make the bad things that I imagined haunt me, and make it into a reality. I have no strength. I need strength from you.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Season In The Sun

The only way to have a FRIEND is to be one

I heard the Terry Jacks song, "Seasons in the Sun" today. I was reminded of climbing trees, playing ball in the neighborhood, riding my mini-bike, playing in the yard with my brothers.

I remember hurrying through homework so I could get outside with my friends. Playing so long and so hard. Getting all sweaty and dirty. Hurrying through supper so I could get back outside with my friends.

I miss my friends.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hosni Mubarak Resigns...

There are no Mubaraks on the Forbes list of the world's richest people, but there sure ought to be.

The mounting pressure from 18 days of historic protests finally drove Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak from office, after three decades as his nation's iron-fisted ruler. But over that time, Mubarak amassed a fortune that should finance a pretty comfortable retirement. The British Guardian newspaper cites Middle Eastern sources placing the wealth of Mubarak and his family at somewhere between $40 billion and $70 billion. That's a pretty good pension for government work. The world's richest man--Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim--is worth about $54 billion, by comparison. Bill Gates is close behind, with a net worth of about $53 billion.

Even though he's out of power, Mubarak may still be able to influence the Army officials running the country, through the financial connections that made them all wealthy. And if not Mubarak, the next leader may be poised to start lining his pockets the same way Mubarak did. For Egypt to have a more effective, transparent economy, all of that will have to be cleaned up. There are probably a lot of people in Cairo who have been checking their bank balances lately.

That's it. He's out.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


When night, i look up into the sky. I'm holding my hands together to the Almighty Most High. I think of you as tears roll down my cheek. There's answers to many questions that i seek. I dont want to complain,moan or give up because Lord i know you've given me so much yet i find it hard to stay on the straight path. I'm wanting to please you and not catch your wrath.

As my eyes fill with tears ,i let them fall along with my fears. My lord the most loving and forgiving ,if i have you den why am i greiving? Ya Allah please show me the way ,so one day in jannah i will stay. Help me with every step i take ,let me do everything purely for your sake. =""

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