Sunday, February 27, 2011

~ oh please..

I have watched far too many Malay movies, and most of the movies I saw were mediocre movies, with shallow scripts, poor storyline, and movies that banked on accomplished actors & actresses to sell tickets rather than making a sincere effort to create a good movie without emphasizing on selling movie tickets too much. I almost promise myself that I would not spend my money and time watching another Malay movie ever again. That's how much I despised Malay movies!

If I were a film maker, I’d produce a sports movie or drama.

Why? Heck, some of us don’t really know what they have to go through to become a champion. Or how they got there? The sacrifices made. The sweat, the tears, the blood. These kind of movies are motivating. Makes you want to go out and make a difference, although we both know, neither you or me are talented.

Our younger generation now stays at home, plays DotA on LAN or Sudden Attack in the comfort of their lazy computer chairs that bounces back and forth when they lean against it. Can that attitude take us to Olympics? Hell No. We’ll only give birth to more geeks and nerds, and we don’t need that.

I would always want these kid to triumph a sweet victory on the green field. I always believe if we can’t, maybe our younger generation can! Like how Harimau Malaya won the AFF Suzuki Cup. Everyone was at the edge of their seat when it was streaming.

Real life story :
An outdoorsman trapped between a rock and a hard place, he struggles for survival.

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