Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Emak

I Will forever be thankful for having u

Dear Emak,

In my 23 years of existence. I have tasted a million bitter moments, most of which got the best of me. My heart is in tears as I remember but in the midst of sorrow I feel warmth because inside my heart I see u. U turned my troubles into experiences, from which I learned a great many things n my bitter moments into sweet memories. It shows me the miracle that a mother’s love brings!

There is a saying that says, children cannot choose their own parents, I am here to say, if ever there was a chance I could choose my parents, I STILL WILL HAVE YOU AS MY MOTHER.

Dear Ayah & Emak :
I sincerely wish u both, a good mood, health and peace in life


Happy Birthday Emak. I Love You n Will Always Do.

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