Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When I Talk to My Maker

Oh Allah, I have seen many, but do little, I have received so much, but seldom I forget to thank you. You have opened up my eyes and my heart to stuff that really matters, you bring wake up calls into my life and you gave me chances to improve myself to work things out. But I am still the unimproved.

I cannot see every single possibility in my future life, but I have promised myself to achieve my dreams before I die. I have promised myself to repay all the sacrifices did by everyone to me. I have promised myself to die happy.

Things that I had to deal, the ones that I had to witness through my eyes, I never knew such thing can occur to me, but it does, eventually. If jazz songs are made to calm me down, Thank You. If my prayers are heard, Thank You. If I am on my way to make myself a better person, a stronger person, Thank You .

What I saw, are those things that I do not want to believe. Please Allah, please do not make the bad things that I imagined haunt me, and make it into a reality. I have no strength. I need strength from you.

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