Tuesday, March 1, 2011

::.. ME ..::

A little bit about ME :

1. I don’t find myself such a great person
Maybe it’s because I've yet to find the many things I am capable of doing. After all, I am human. I make mistakes every day and I take a while to learn from them.

2. I am loved - This is great because this is love I receive, but have never asked for. Even though I can’t see it, the feeling of being loved is heavenly. Enough said.

3. I’m an introvert - I tend to be very shy the first time someone talks to me, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to open up. It just takes time. I like having company. I do talk a lot with my friends and parents, but I just like the feeling of being by myself. At the end of my day, I normally sit down quietly and have time for myself to think how my day went. These thoughts affect me somehow. I just really like to think about things while trying not to wander off too far.

4. I’m a good listener - I listen to my friends’ problems and try not to give biased comments to them just because. Since I have an unstable sleeping pattern, I’m usually up after 2am and nothing good ever happens after 2am. I like to listen because it lets me experience their problems indirectly and I’d know how to react if it ever happened to me.

5. Not a secret, but I love my parents most :)

6. I Wash my contact lenses daily - Instead of rubbing, I just replace the solution and shake it very hard when I'm sort of not supposed to. But it's alright, they're expired already.

7. Stomachaches out of nowhere - I hate the feeling of having to go when I'm outside and it pisses me off very badly since I'm having abdominal pain while wishing I was home. Especially when I know I'll to fart a lot (smelly farts at that)

8. I hate when ice-cream melts and drips on my clothes -I know ice-cream waits for no one, but at least drip on the floor please.

9. Show-offs - I understand your parents make tons of $$ and hence you get everything you want, emphasis on want because want does not mean you need it, but need you always let the whole of world know? I just want to steal your new handphone/keyboard right from your eyes to make you shut up.

P/S : Piece of me? not.
It's not about everyone wanting a piece. U need to hand them a mirror. With it, they can reflect u, but never take u

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