Saturday, March 5, 2011

10 Things I Grateful For.

These are my random thoughts and they're all typed out in random order... [except for #1..]

1) Having a close-knit family who does not only stand by my side through the good times but has also been with me through out my bad times. Basically we lean on each other always no matter what the situation might be and because of that and tons of other reasons, i love u Ayah, Mak, Kakak, Abang-abang, guys are my world!!!

2) Being born a muslim, though i realize that i am far from perfect in being a true mukmin. I am hoping to be one, taking a step at a time.

3) Having friends around me and without them, life would not be as much fun as it is now. ^^

4) Having a healthy body, seeing sick people around me everyday makes me realize how grateful i am for being healthy and being able to do things uninterrupted despite the occassionaly common cold that i get ;)

5) Having a 'perfect' face, no matter what others say, i think my face is perfect because i have

- a nose, which can be used to smell all the nice things around me.
- a pair of eyes, to see all the beautiful things in life like the small white flower or the multi-coloured rainbow.
- a mouth with a tongue and full sets of teeth to munch on things and enjoy the taste of food and drinks.
- a pair of ears,to listen to the wonderful sounds around me
and they are all set in their rightful place, i cant ask god for anything more :-P

6) Having a scholarship to support my studies, Thank You Allah for giving me this great 'gift'. I was succeed in this field.

7) Having a wonderful extended family which consists of aunts, uncles, cousin sisters, cousin brothers, nephew and nieces. I am really glad that i was born into this family who really cares about me. Thanks for all.

8) Having a good brain which thankfully saves me indirectly during exams from failing. Again, i am truly grateful to God for giving me one of the greatest 'gift' in life. Hopefully, i will grow wiser each day.

9) Having all the experiences that i have obtained through out my 22years of life. Some of which i am sure others might have never experienced or thought of experiencing. All of these are what made me who i am today and are the ones that will carve my path in life for the future. Through some were bad, but i learned from them to be a better person. I am glad that i got to experience all of them and the good experiences are the ones that pushes me forward in life when i am feeling down.

10) Basically, i am just glad for being alive!! Thanks to my lovely mother for bearing all the pain to deliver me and more importantly, thanks to Allah for giving me a chance to breathe in this world.

* People, if u start looking around carefully, u will finally realize that there are tons of things in life that u should be grateful and thankful for. I know i am..

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