Friday, March 4, 2011


My father once spoke to me about the 3 important things in life.... he said :

3 things in life:
once gone, never comes back --> words, opportunity & time
3 things in life :
we r never sure off --> dreams, fortune & death
3 things in life:
that make u a great person --> success, honesty & sacrifice
3 things in life:
most valuable --> love, self-respect and family & friends

Remembering back my father's words, even know, when i think back of all the things that happened around me, i still think friends are wonderful, especially those who really do care about me. Despite me easily getting upset with sum of my friends for sum of their ways, i still think that i could not have made it through the 5 years of engineering school without them. Despite all our differences, i thank u all, my friends, whole-heartedlly for being around for me when i need u all, and though i may act up at times due to that 'time' of the month. I hope those close to my heart will understand me well enough to know that i don't mean anything bad that i did or did not do during that period of time. I honestly have always wondered, who really are my true friends? like neko once said, who among all my friends will be confident enough in me and have the courage to defend me, if and when i am accused of doing something wrongly. Only time will tell i guess and based on my character, i have as many close friends as others do but then again, like elder sister said, as long as i have a lots who are willing to stand by me no matter what others say or do, then i guess, my life would be equally satisfying.....

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