Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When Sometimes Good Isn't Enough

Seriously, do you find yourself in a moment when sometimes things you said were meant to encourage but often it gets misinterpreted?

I always believe in encouraging people (to do this for the betterment, that is) even when I might sound annoying, to me, encouragement will only push people forward and not to be lazy, to put in more effort, to do better than just good. I am not a perfectionist but I find people often exceed my expectations no matter how high the expectations are. I do not pour cold water on people, even though there are times I agree when impossible is more like it, but I always like to put it my way, you won't know if you don't try. Frankly, there's no harm in trying. To have tried and failed is better than not to try which is a definite fail anyway.

Being positive all the time is not all good, I learnt, People misjudge me as overconfident. Like seriously? Overconfident to me is more like arrogant, which is totally different than being positive. I have positive thoughts most of the time. I always believe things happen in disguise and for every shit that happens, there's always something good. Life is too short to think negatively. And when I speak of my dreams to people, some get it, some don't. Some would throw in their support and some would just brush me off and ask me "to get back to reality". Damn, if there is no dream, there will be no action, and when there is no action, you will always be where you are today!

I need to end the day are some nice words that can assure me that life isn't that bad, so much for thinking positive right?

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