Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Going back,present,forward….

It has been long time from my last post! Even I almost forgot that I have this blog. Well, maybe because I'm too open now, so, you, my best bestfriend, forgotten for awhile, sorry! Haha.. To be honest, I'm not in the good feeling right now . So, I remember this blog and I read all of them! Suprizingly, it help much! It warn me to back to my track, I lost too long now, and I must to go back immedietly, or I never can back anymore!

I have been thinking much lately, and somehow I just realize that I'm kinda weird, what a surprise! I'm not like the regular girl, I'm not get into shopping or anything that most girls doing. Well, the problem is I have some stuff that more interesting to do. Something, even when I'm too lazy, itching to do that. Guess what? if you a good friend of mine, you'll know it, yeahh, computer.

My boo : Mr Lappy

Gorgeous 'boo' :-)

I'm crazy about computer and music. I will see the beauty in them. Music + computer?? Way much better. It helps me to express my feeling. I'm hard to show my feeling to everybody else, but with them, I can express it easily. Ask me, "choose one,.. one hour at mall or 5 hours in front of computer?" hmm...that would be an easy question for me. Because I never bored, there's always something that I can do with computer. Even I can write a song with it. I'm not good in poetry and believe me, the lyrics is so lame... but I do that because I love doing the music, it's just the magical happen. I always can't start a conversation. I dunno why, my brain just stuck. But in the messenger, I can flow anything that I want to say.

It's hard to me to say : I love you, I care about you, You're my bestfriend, even Thank You and other stuff, directly to the person. But on the internet, that words just slips out whenever I want to say them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not cocky or something, I just don't know how I must to say it. I prefer to make a video on the computer for hours than say it directly.

Until now, I never ever tell my personal feeling to anybody, never told my problem to anyone, Even to my mom. Maybe you think that I am an open person, all people think that, but hey, actually I'm a close person. Did I ever told you my secret? The trully secret? NEVER! but on the blog like this, I can do that easily! Amazing, huh!
I love you guys, but somehow I can't tell you anything, with unknown reason. It's like I have my own world, when I'm in other world, I can't trust anybody to keep my secret. Like I can't trust my secret to sorry guys!

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