Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sorry my bad....

I've been feeling anti-social for quite some time now

I hardly reply any SMSes, almost never start up an SMS conversation unless its really really necessary, i dont open my ym or facebook account unless utter boredom strikes, I'm reluctant on leaving my house n going out with friends, i spend waayyyy too much time doing nothing in my room with my lappy, i feel like a bitter old lady living alone with 57 cats. This sucks, i suck.

I apologize to my family n friends whom i may or may not have hurt during my period of bitternes. I have no problem with my boyfriend so save the dumb jokes for someone who gives a shit.

But its not that i dont enjoy being in the company of my family and friends
its just that i sometimes prefer being alone, minding my own business, waking up late, not needing to care about how i look as i skip the morning(fine, afternoon) shower, wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of trouser, watching a just-downloaded movie or tv show and playing a computer game anytime in between.

Or maybe its because i'm tired of it all. The same boring routine over and over again. Its draining, really i need something new

a change!

a change in environment
a change in the people surrounding me
a change in weather
a change in routine

Any change at all . I'll take it. I need to get out of my bubble-of-a comfort zone
and explore the world . Explore what life has to offer explore me. Maybe my life won't ever get better even after the "change" but i'm never going to find out if i don't try

Maybe my life will get worse and i'll get even more screwed-up (if that's even humanly possible) but that's a risk i'm willing to take.

I need a barack obama moment.... ~

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