Thursday, March 25, 2010

Petty n pointless

The Israeli invasion on Palestine started more than 8 months ago but i have yet to express my thoughts and views and opinions about it. Though i'm writing now, I'm ashamed that I didnt write earlier as before that passes, hundreds of my fellow muslim brothers n sisters are slaughtered mercilessly by the vile n disgusting n repulsive n evil n heartless israeli forces.

You may wonder why the title of the post is "petty and pointless", is this blog post petty and pointless as it will not affect the situation in Palestine in any way whatsoever? that, we may never know, only God knows what is certain.

But I'll be damned if I just sit around doing nothing and watch my fellow muslims being shot and bombed and killed and slaughtered. What is it then, that is petty n pointless??

Well if you ask me, our needs, our desires, achievements and failures, any feeling or emotion that we may encounter that supposedly could kill you there and then or put you in cloud nine or even myspace and facebook seem petty and pointless when you put them next to the torture and suffering, the sorrow n sadness of losing a loved one, the pain n anger of helplessness that our brothers n sisters in Palestine feel almost every second of every day ever since the israeli trash set their foot on Palestinian soil.

We who are lucky enough to have food on our table, a roof over our heads n well, pretty much anything n everything that our hearts have ever desired should COUNT OUR BLESSINGS n thank God for all that He has given us n we should help those who are in dire need n not leave our brothers n sisters to suffer n die.

We do what is in our capabilities and hope n pray for the best.

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