Sunday, December 25, 2011

Am I Addicted To Coffee ?

-scientific review concluded that moderate consumption of coffee, up to 300-400 mg of caffeine per day (around 3-4 cups) in healthy adults, is safe and does not cause any negative health effects-

YES I AM !! I am a self-confessed nescafe| latte| frappuccino-holic. I love to drink any hot beverage with caffeine in it. Since I craze for them so much or should I say the addictive caffeine in it, there's where most of my money is drained into. I believe I can call myself a Caffein Freak because I guzzle down at least 3 cups of Caffein drinks every day. That's the minimum you know! Imagine if I am in the mood for them, I can sip 5 to 10 cups per day. Crazy right?

Nescafe will surely love customers like me who drink their products as if they were water. Beats me to know that caffeine is really that addictive. No wonder caffeine has been dubbed the second Nicotine! It is virtually impossible for me to resist they're calling. Unlike you guys. I don't drink them because I am tired or sleepy. I drink because I craze for it! I drink coffee simply because I "gian" (addicted) for it, just like how smokers can't resist to puff almost every hour. Should I enroll into a "rehabilitation" center for my sin? ;)

p/s : Headache from drinking coffee?

Is it because your blood is a little bit too thick? Hence when the caffein induce your heart to beat will have headache? Drink more water.

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