Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Must not get pissed off again..

You know.. one of my bad habits while driving is that I cannot stand people who drives slowly on the right lane. I think some drivers are ' kurang cerdik ' which are nothing but a hazard on the road. These drivers are the ones who caused all the annoying accidents. I get quite pissed off behind such drivers.

If you are such drivers who hogs the road, please move aside,do everyone a favour and save other people lives by moving away. To me, right lanes are fast lanes. If you want to drive 20kph, please dont drive at all!

I dont care if you want to drive 20kph in your own taman or parking lot or whatever, but definitely not on the right lanes of highways!! Those of you who have experience trailling behind these type of drivers will share my sentiments.

I dont like malay teenagers drivers either they drive too tortoisely or drive too dangerously and also uncle drivers, old enough to be my greatgrandfather. Who hogs the right lane of LDP like nobody's business and no matter how much you honk at them or flash your headlights, it didnt bother them at all!

That's because they keep their eyes on the road and dont bother to look in to the mirror and dont bother, old people hearing are bad, so they cant hear the honk.

My solution?


Overtake them on the left side, then cut in front of them and slam the brakes and then speed off!!

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