Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Criticism ..

One word but has
many meanings..

Many people cannot stand being criti
cised. For me, I can take constructive criticism, that's based on facts and logic, and not just criticised me because you advanced than me. If you just wanna criticise without basing on facts but feelings, I'd say SHUT UP you. There are some people who just have the urge to open their mouth and talk with the motive of bringing down people and criticised, everything and anything. Those that aren't their cup of tea.Constructive criticism on the other hand, is with the intention of making situations better - this I welcomed a lot but more often than not, people just have opinions about everything and anything, even things they don't know they also want to act like they know it all. Only criticise if you can do the job better - otherwise let others do their work. Only criticise if you are in the position of higher authority to do so, and for a greater good. Otherwise, just SHUT UP.

Can you take criticism?

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