Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm afraid of cockroaches

Cockroaches are not generally beloved, of course, but my reaction is extreme. I tend to gasp, jump, and sometimes, if confronted with one alone in a small space — I'm ashamed to admit — :/

Here are cockroach facts:

  • A cockroach can live for 3-4 weeks without its head. And you thought decapititation solved everything
  • In a nuclear war which would level the Earth, cockroaches would be the only survivors.
  • As manifested by the cockroach story I am about to tell,they don't die, even if you crush them, twice!
So, scared by the cockroach facts? Probably not, but it helps you feel no remorse getting rid of the pests, right? So, on to my story...

So it was really freaky when I found a seemingly dead cockroach in my house one day. I wanted to move away from the cockroach as well. I had heard the cockroach facts mentioned above before, but I didn't really believe them. So, 10 minutes have passed and the cockroach hadn't stirred... yet. I turned to look at it and I thought I saw its horns move. It was... freaky! "The cockroach is moving! I am not hallucinating!" Another 5 minutes passed with me glancing nervously behind my shoulder and after a while, the cockroach started moving. Apparently, it needed some time to recover from getting his body crushed, but the fact it, it friggin' recovered.

So, that proves that the two cockroach facts mentioned above are true! I don't know about the nuclear war thing, but it's been proved that cockroaches have a really high tolerance threshold for radiation, unlike as mere human beings. If despite hearing these cockroach facts, you still feel sorry for cockroaches, congratulations! Your level of kindness can't be matched. The rest of us however, will gladly crush any cockroaches that get into our way!

A simple way of describing it would be to say that I'm afraid of cockroaches !!!


LiLohOnEy said...


i got one entry about this insect long time ago if im not mistaken.

so feel free to find it in my blog achieve :)

happy blogging!

Qdin Hussin said...

is that true, sire?

they dont die even if you crush or burn them or explode with nuclear bombs?

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